Sunday, August 12, 2012

Can't wait can't wait!!!! 2 more days and i will be out of singapore. Too much things to handle, too much stress, too much thoughts, too much people with problems. I just wanna leave these all behind and go to sunny island and do nothing but eat, relax and eat somemore!

i am going to try my best to document my trip. maybe via instagram. pictorial format is much easier. they say pictures say a thousand words. i think pictures will say alot more about a trip than just me talking about the trip. Not sure if i have wifi there. but usually, if i go holidays with the boy, i don't care if i have wifi.

I am aching terribly from the gym class the boy and i went to on saturday. How unfit i became and how much i want to be fit again! i think gym can be so fun with a partner. Of course a female one will be better, can chat in the changing room, can go suana together. haha

Sunday, August 05, 2012

rubee is sick. the important keys on her keyboard cannot be used. and when i say important keys, they are enter, the letters 'e', 'r' and 'l'. all these keys and some others not so important ones cannot be used over the whole weekend. caused me a bit of a problem, especially the enter key. but weird enough, suddenly, i am able to use these keys. i don't know when rubee will be sick again but i guess it's time to buy a new laptop? money money money.....

i had a lovely time the whole weekend. though i thought it will be a fit and healthy weekend. wanted to go gym then after that go macritchie walk walk with the girls. but weather was not that good. it rained and we cancelled and all of us went to angel and simon's place instead. it was a very nice time chilling out. we finally had a friend's place to go over and bunk. no parents. near my place also. take cab also not that expensive. hee

cooked chicken rice today with prawn paste chicken instead of the normal steamed chicken. nice but the hassle of preparing and cooking. using the deep fryer for the second time since we bought. it is really troublesome to wash the deep fryer. no joke. but thank God i have the boy. he is really really good at such stuff. washing up and making sure everything is spick and span. I am thankful for having him. =)

i am looking forward to the whole of August. so many things i wanna do!

Thursday, August 02, 2012

2 down. one more to go! and i will be ready for krabi!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

this whole week went past in a flash. or rather, i was so preoccupied with one thing that i kinda neglected everything else. i had a seminar presentation to a crowd of about 15 on saturday. kind of like mini public speaking for me. i was preparing for it the whole week, nervously and getting cold feet. I got so scared that i wanted to give it up totally. then boss told me that if i don't take up the challenge and stand up for it, i never will. so yea, i just went ahead. thankfully, everything went quite smoothly. and i got quite positive feedback! haha.. phew!

and one saturday is gone just like that. i was so nervous before the presentation, the night before i couldn't sleep and before the presentation, couldn't really eat so imagine my relief after the presentation. I was so hungry and at the same time tired. I wanted to cook but was quite tired. so end up, we ate at the coffeeshop downstairs my house. so tired i slept before 10!

had another peaceful sunday, relaxed and all. i love sundays like this. morning go church, eat my favourite katong laksa. seriously, katong laksa is the best. never settle for anything other than katong laksa. then came home and took a nap. haha, i am such a sleepy head. i love sleeping! i love my bed. sadness, next year have to buy new bed. a bigger bed already.

then cooked dinner. macroni dry. nice attempt. next time perfect it. =)

17 more days to krabi... cannot wait!

Monday, July 23, 2012

I probably mentioned this already but here it is again. Counting down to Krabi! each day passes by very slowly. And in between from now till then, i have a huge presentation and two roadshows. That is one break i totally deserved yea? Haha!

before i go for that trip, i need to do three things. i hope i have the time to do them:
1. Go do pedicure
2. Go facial
3. Cut hair

And after that, i will be ready to go for my trip. I am hoping that after i come back on the 18th Aug, can plan a long weekend trip somewhere. because 20th happens to be public holiday and 21st is yours truly's birthday. =) but budget is one. and i scared we might end up even more tired if we travelled that much, especially back to back.

I feel quite crushed in spirit recently. never felt such huge setback. how do i ever resolve this? 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

i want to go on holidays! i want to buy shoes! i want to buy bags! i want to buy clothes! i want to get out!!!!

ok, this shouldn't sound as desperate. because i will be going krabi in one months time. and i am counting down. every day and every hour and second. it is just that, i am planning a trip in January. i want to go somewhere in jan with the boy, but i have no idea exactly where to go. don't wanna spend that much also because the wedding is next year.

and speaking of the wedding. argghh... bottle neck yet again. i would love planning any wedding but my own! nothing seems to be going my way. i don't know what kind of arrangement would be the best! this is so frustrating. i need someone to sit me through and reassure me, and confirm with me, debate with me on the pros and cons. seems like everyone is too busy with their lives at this point of time.


Sunday, July 08, 2012

I had one of the loveliest date today. It makes up for the fact that i stayed in office till 2 plus on a saturday. yesterday was really bad though.

I was in a pretty cranky mood cos i need to go back on a saturday for the meeting. And the worse was that i thought i could leave by 12 max? and end up, we had to buy lunch and dine in and continue our discussion until 2. i was so fed up, and i started shooting anything and anyone that got in my way. I could still get away with it now in office, cos i am the youngest. but seriously, i did feel very bad after i left. And when my mood became good after shopping with my boy, i thought back about my attitude in office and felt a bit bad.

but retail therapy is always the best! we both bought bottoms, not really matching but i wanted it to. then i went watsons. watsons is one place i can stay and shop. just like candy shop. And then i had a good time cooking together with the boy. i always have a bad habit, like i will crave for some stuff after watching people eat it on tv. i watched a jap show recently and they grilled a fish. i thought it looked yummy so i told the boy i want too! and my favourite asparagus wrapped with bacon. and our first attempt at wine wine clams. it was yummy! just that we used alot of white wine, the taste was abit strong. the boy said outside one most likely dilute it. maybe that is what i should do. quite wasteful to pour in one whole bottle of white wine.

anyway, today was just a usual sunday. we went to church. and then we went to watch spiderman. hmm, just like any super hero movie. not impressed. just that since it is the must watch movie, so we go watch it lo. and then, in order to take a "nature" related picture, we walked from parkway to east coast park to have my long awaited sushi tei. i have been craving for it whole week. a lazy afternoon, eating sushi and enjoying my paperpot (nabe) and then after we bought a dark mocha frap, we took a slow stroll back to parkway to take bus home.

i look forward to taking more long walks with you. =) =)